How do you hold onto your top performers?

A recent article in the SHRM HR Magazine focused on how employers can work to keep their top talent. According to the research, top talent stays at a job for 2 reasons: they are doing the best work of their lives and they believe that they are changing the world.

The 3 R’s of retention of talent are: re-recruit, re-energize and re-engage.

Re-recruiting, at its core, is identifying your top talent and sitting down with them and talking to them about their needs and desires and enticing them to re-commit to the company.

Re-engaging your top talent is a combination of getting workers to feel connected to, and enthusiastic about, their jobs.  Studies show that an engaged workforce depends on a workplace that is friendly, flexible, fulfilling and purposeful.

Re-energize: Stress and the demands of our jobs, family and lifestyles can lead to burning out in 4 areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Successful leaders help the workforce re-energize in all 4 ways.

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