Safety Checklist for Walk-through

Do you have a safety checklist to use on an annual basis? Some large companies do a safety walk-through on a monthly basis but most small businesses find that an annual walk-through is sufficient. If you do have a safety check-list, have you done your walk-through this month or year?

Here’s a brief list of items for you to think about….

  • Do you have the required posters posted?
    Do you have the blanks filled in?
  • Do you have a written IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Plan) on site?
  • Are you using surge protectors rather than just plugging computers into the outlets?
  • Are you using extension cords? Are they running across walkways?
  • Is there a three foot clear area around all electrical panels?
  • Are your fire extinguishers mounted and secure?
  • Are you fire extinguishers receiving an annual servicing?
  • Do coffee pots and space heaters have automatic “shut-off” switches?
  • Are walking aisles, corridors and hallways clear and unobstructed?
  • Are all exit corridors and pathways clearly identified?
  • Is the emergency lighting for exits and stairwells operational?
  • Do you have security measures in place for each building/location?
  • Is there adequate lighting inside and outside the building and in the parking lot?
  • Is trash and debris properly discarded?
  • Are buildings kept free of insects and vermin?
  • Are floors kept free of standing water or oil?
  • Are computer monitors adjusted to be slightly below eye level for employees?
  • Is any machinery properly secured?
  • Is the bank run done at different times each day? Does the driver take different routes?
  • Are office personnel keeping all file drawers pushed in?
  • Are there ladders or steps in convenient locations so employees don’t use unapproved “steps” (i.e., chairs, shelves, etc.)?

If you have the checklist in place, make sure you use it on a regular basis and communicate to your employees that safety is important — for the business and for their own safety and health. If you don’t have a checklist in place, I encourage you to walk through your workplace, notice what should be reviewed and make a checklist for your business. If you need help, let me know.

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