Interview “Do”s

What can (and should) you ask in an interview?

I get frequent questions regarding what you can (and can’t) ask during an interview. We’ll look at the DON’Ts next week, but here are some DOs:

  • Stay focus on the facts, don’t get sidetracked with information that isn’t job-related.
  • If you have a job description that is specific to the job and accurately portrays the duties and the qualifications required, use it as part of the interview process. Ask the applicant if he/she can meet the required requirements.
  • Consider carefully “what are the required elements of the job?” — often employers say that a position requires a college degree but unless the job requires the license or degree as a certification, an applicant can probably do the job without a degree as long as they have experience.
  • Ask specific questions about the applicant’s prior jobs/duties and make sure they can do the job; many companies are now asking applicants to “show what they know” and having them actually work on a task to see how they go about making decisions, if they can do the work, etc.
  • Identify any challenges that the applicant will encounter on the job — is there overtime, travel, deadlines, etc.
  • Remind the applicant that if they are selected, he/she will be expected to provide proof of identity and right to work in the U.S. (I-9 form) and may be subjected to drug testing (if your company tests applicants).

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